Arm Chair
Welcome to The Armchair Kitchen. The armchair represents books and reading. The kitchen is where the activity and experiment take place.

To find out more about my world of cooking and writing, please click on About Me. It’s simple for you to find what interests you. Go to Blog for food and Books for writing.

Now I am doing videos: I have a You Tube channel with nearly 80 different videos about Cooking for adults, Cooking with children and Cookbook Writers. It’s called GRANNY JUDY COOKS.


On the food side, the videos on GRANNY JUDY COOKS take up much of my thought and time.

With books I am happy that my latest memoir EPISODES is easily available on Amazon. Exploring the wartime memories of two girls – in Poland and London – it is the perfect gift for those who actually remember the war and a generation knowing little about the holocaust.

EPISODES, two girls, two lives, one time.