Recipe collection

I have a collection of over two thousand recipes (including the blog, all my cookbooks and files of cookery notes). Originally I intended to put the whole collection on this website, but being realistic, this would take far too long and it’s better for me to be working on the new ideas I put up four times a week.

To get an idea of the range, the best way to find a dish that interests you is to go to Blog and look at the Archive. There you’ll find, month by month, a picture of each post I have put up in the past six years. 

When you find a picture that appeals to you, it may have a recipe or a link to one. The recipes I choose are either my own, or the best I can find online.  Even better is when I find a video because this is the best way to demonstrate a new dish. For less experienced cooks it’s far better than reading a description in a book.

So if you see a photo you like and want to know how to make something, do send me a message.



Judy Jackson

I am a food writer and novelist, with 8 published cookbooks and 2 prize winning novels. I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers and I live in London, UK.