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How it started

In January 2010 I began writing a blog. The idea was to tell people about my new book Lookit Cookit: kitchen games for curious children. This was a response to the failing government initiative to promote their ‘5-a-day’ programme.  My idea was to write appealing posts that would make food (specially fruits and vegetables) an appetising, amusing topic, rather than a target to be reached.

How the blog developed

The early posts were about everything under the sun: cooking, books, cartoons, items in the news.  The archive shows all I have written, month by month.

At first the blog was read by about 200 people, then by internet magic the numbers started rocketing till they reached 25,000. In the twelve years since then I have written more than  three thousand posts, illustrated with my own photos. There is no more rambling about anything I thought funny, it is focused. My aim now is to reach those who don’t have time for complicated cooking, but still appreciate the odd bit of ‘haute cuisine’ among the hints and suggestions for how to get a meal on the table after a day at work. So I find the best online recipe or video, I do the cooking. You, the readers just need to be inspired and enjoy the pictures.

Where you can find it

The blog is on Tumblr.

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