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This week I’ve been thinking about books and what I’ve read recently.  Here is a non-fiction book that made an impression.

NEGOTIATION by Gavin Presman

This is a self-help book; an engaging, page-turning explanation of how to come out of a business deal with both sides happy.  The author starts by differentiating between haggling and negotiating. He gives advice about listening, discussing, bargaining and finally agreeing. What’s interesting about this book is that his techniques, honed on concluding business deals – whether it’s buying a house or setting terms at a job interview – include the most basic necessity: how to negotiate with family.

“Real collaboration with someone else is often accompanied by a warm connected and grounded feeling. If this feeling isn’t present we can ask ourselves whether we are really in the right state of mind to negotiate with another person.”

This book is for anyone who has come up against conflict. Presman gives us the skills we need to navigate many aspects of our lives.

Negotiation by Gavin Presman is available to buy on Amazon.







Judy Jackson

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